Sexual Health

The Trust's Sexual Health service provides completely free and confidential clinics and support to people of all ages.

We provide the full range of sexual infection screening and treat all sexually transmitted infections free of charge. We see anyone:

  • Wanting a sexual health check-up, with or without symptoms (we offer the choice of not being examined)
  • With a suspected or known sexual infection
  • With any genital problems including discharge, lumps, rashes
  • Wanting a blood test for HIV or Syphilis
  • With a diagnosis of HIV for long term treatment and management
  • Who has been or think they have been sexually assaulted
  • Wanting advice on safer sex, sexual risk taking, infections, sexuality, gender issues
  • Requiring Hepatitis B vaccination due to sexual risk

Partner notification

We can help you contact partners if you have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection.

Complex GUM

This service is for patients who have chronic recurrent genital problems. We see and manage men and women of all ages with non-sexual infection problems such as:

  • Genital skin problems (itching, soreness, rashes and lumps)
  • Genital Pain
  • Unexplained vaginal discharge or thrush
  • Problems following gender reassignment surgery

GUM Clinic Appointment Line 0191 5699021

Family Planning Clinic Appointment Line 0191 5699966

Sexual Health services operate out of the following bases:

Sunderland Royal Hospital (Chester Lodge) Kayll Road, Sunderland, SR4 7TP

Bunnyhill Primary Care Centre Hylton lane, Sunderland SR5 4BW

Houghton Primary Care Centre Brinkburn Crescent, Houghton le Spring, DH4 5HB

Victoria Road Health Centre Victoria Road, Washington, NE37 2PU

Washington Primary Centre Princess Ann Park, Washington, NE38 7QZ

What is PEPSE?

PEPSE stands for Post Exposure Prophylaxis following Sexual Exposure. It is a short course of HIV treatment (anti-retroviral medication or ARTs) given to people who may have been exposed to HIV, in order to reduce the risk of them becoming HIV positive.

Who should have PEPSE?

The most common reason for giving PEPSE is that someone has had unprotected vaginal or anal sex (without a condom or the condom failed) with someone who is known to be HIV positive or who is thought likely to be HIV positive. When the risk of contracting HIV is estimated to be high PEPSE will be offered, the final decision to have it or not is yours. If PEPSE is recommended to you, you will need an HIV (blood) test to make sure you are not already positive and then in twelve weeks after treatment is completed.

How does it work?

You start it within 72 hours of sexual exposure (risk), the earlier it is started the better. Research suggests that PEPSE makes infection with HIV less likely. It works by preventing the body's eroconverting to becoming HIV positive. It doesn't work every time some people who take it can still become infected with HIV. It can fail because some anti-HIV drugs don't work against some strains of HIV. Also if it isn't taken correctly or soon enough it is more likely to fail.


Those attending queue and wait sessions will be seen on a first come first served basis; the number of people seen varies from day to day. If the queue and wait session becomes full it will close before the advertised time. You can then either attend the next queue and wait session or make an appointment (see Contact us).

Specialist appointment clinics may run at the same time as queue and wait sessions, and some people may be seen sooner than those waiting for a queue and wait session.

Queue and Wait Clinics (All ages)

Queue and wait sessions are available at the GUM Clinic, Sunderland Royal Hospital, next to the main entrance off Kayll Road


8.45am - 12.00noon

1.30pm - 3.30pm


8.45am - 12noon

1.30pm - 4.00pm

Wednesday and Thursday

8.45am - 12noon

1.30pm - 4.00pm


8.45am - 12noon

Appointment Clinics (All ages)

Appointment clinics are both nurse and doctor led services. You may be asked to return for further review/treatment.


4.30pm - 7.20pm


2.00pm - 4.00pm


2.00pm - 7.20pm


1.30pm - 4.00pm


2.00pm- 4.00pm

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