Information for outpatients

General outpatients are located at Sunderland Royal Hospital Chester Wing. Further outpatients services are also provided at Sunderland Eye Infirmary, Monkwearmouth Hospital, Washington Galleries Health Centre and Durham Diagnostic and Treatment Centre. Each outpatient departments is staffed by registered nurses with support from healthcare assistants.

The Trust is committed to designing services around the needs of our patients, our aim being to treat patients as individuals and make sure all patients experience an integrated and seamless service appropriate to his or her needs.

We hope you find the information here on the services we provide informative; we are dedicated to providing a working partnership for a quality healthcare service for the City of Sunderland.

Please refer to your appointment letter for the exact location of your appointment.

What to do on arrival

Please report to the reception desk to inform staff that you have arrived. Following check in at reception you will be given instructions advising of which waiting area/nurses station you should then report to. When you arrive at the waiting area/nurses station you will be supported throughout your outpatient visit by nursing/clinic staff. Notice boards are present in clinic areas advising patients regarding potential waiting times for their clinic appointment visit.

How to amend or cancel your appointment

If you wish to cancel or amend your appointment please call the relevant number below so your appointment can be re-arranged and your appointment slot offered to another patient. The offices are open:

  • Monday to Thursday - 7.30am to 7pm
  • Friday - 7.30am to 5pm
  • Saturday - 8am to 1pm

For outpatient appointments at Sunderland Royal Hospital, South Tyneside District Hospital, the Galleries Health Centre and Durham Diagnostic and Treatment Centre (DTC) call: 0191 541 0101.

Alternatively, you can cancel or reschedule an appointment electronically - click here.

If you need to book an appointment or want to be removed from our waiting list you can also do this electronicallyclick here

For all ophthalmology/eye outpatient appointments: 0191 569 9064, 0191 569 9885 or 0191 569 9886.

Please note if you have missed your appointment without giving us prior notice you may be removed from the waiting list altogether, in which case you will need to ask your GP to re-refer you back to the hospital. Over the past year more than 50,000 patients failed to attend their outpatient appointment at City Hospitals Sunderland without giving any prior notice whatsoever. This is a significant waste of resources, which not only has a considerable impact on how quickly we can see and treat people.

Disabled access

There is disabled acces to all outpatient areas. If you require a wheelchair for your visit, a limited number are available at the Main Reception area on B Floor or within Chester Wing Outpatients Department.

Use of cameras/mobile phones

It is very important that we respect the privacy of our patients and visitors therefore the taking or posting of photographs or comments about patients on social media websites (such as Facebook and Twitter), without their consent is strictly prohibited.

Outpatient Pharmacy

The Outpatient Dispensary at Sunderland Royal is responsible for providing a dispensing service to most outpatient clinics, Medical Day Case Unit, Surgical Day Case Unit and the Emergency Department. The Inpatient Pharmacy an outpatient service for Chemotherapy and Renal Day Units only. There is a dedicated pharmacy on the Eye Infirmary site for outpatients and A&E attendees. Most prescriptions are generated and transferred electronically at your appointment so it is important you attend the correct pharmacy. All the pharmacies are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and can provide a range of general medications for purchase over the counter. The Pharmacist will be pleased to offer you advice. Please click here for Pharmacy opening times.

Using an older person's travel pass before 9.30 am

Older person's concession travel passes are not usually valid before 9.30 am. However, if you have an appointment in the morning and need to travel before 9.30 am, you are able to use earlier buses as long as you show your hospital appointment card or letter to the driver.

Patient Transport Services

North East Ambulance Service provides a Patient Transport Service. This is an important operational service which provides non-emergency transport for patients who have a medical condition that would prevent them from travelling by any other means, or who require the special skills of an ambulance care assistant for the duration of the journey. The service can be booked by doctors, dentists and midwives, although the responsibility is often devolved to doctors’ receptionists. Further information can be found in the attached leaflet.


Sunderland Action For Health Website

We know coming to hospital can cause anxiety for many people, particularly those with learning disabilities. Our Acute Liaison Service for people with learning disabilities provides a range of specialist therapeutic interventions and support to people with a learning disability to ensure mainstream health services are accessible to people with a learning disability. The Sunderland Action for Health website is a useful resource for people with learning disabilities and their carers to help them prepare for visiting the hospital.

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