Integrated Critical Care Unit (ICCU)

The Integrated Critical Care Unit (ICCU) is a state-of-the-art ward for the care of critically ill patients designed around the needs of patients and families. ICCU was shortlisted for Best Acute Design of the Building Better Healthcare Awards; all patients are cared for single rooms.

ICCU is part of Theatres.

ICCU care for patients who are critically ill, providing high dependency care or intensive care depending on the needs of the patient. Once a patient comes to the ICCU they are cared for by a team of doctors and nurses specially trained to look after seriously ill patients. We work with a dedicated and highly skilled team of other professionals, including physiotherapists, dieticians and pharmacists.

Integrated Critical Care Unit 0191 5410238

Visiting hours: 14:30 - 17:30 and 18:30 - 20:00

If you have any comments or questions about our work on the ICCU please just ask.

Divisional General Manager Jacqui Butterworth

Directorate Manager Vicky Mitchell

ICCU Manager Dave McNicholas

Clinical Lead Dr Peter Hersey

Visiting hours: 14:30 - 17:30 and 18:30 - 20:00

Rehabilitation after Critical Illness

Some patients need extra help with their recovery after being discharged from the ICCU. We identify who those patients are, and our ‘RaCI’ (Rehabilitation after Critical Illness) team start working even before discharge from the ICCU to try and make recovery as straightforward as possible.


Research is an important part of our work in the ICCU, and we usually have a number of studies going on. If your family member is eligible to take part in a study but is too unwell to understand the details, we will ask for your permission for them to take part.

Critical Care Outreach Service

The Critical Care Outreach team are our ‘eyes and ears’ around the hospital. Their role is to identify patients who might need to be admitted to ICCU, and to keep an eye on patients recently discharged. They also help us to apply our knowledge and experience of looking after critically ill patients on the wards.

Visiting hours are 14:00pm - 17:30pm and 18:30pm - 22:00pm.

The ICCU can be found on C-level and is well signposted. Please enter through the door marked ‘visitors entrance’.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances we try to limit the number of visitors at the bedside to two.

As many of our patients are at risk from infection, we will ask you to wash your hands before visiting and also to leave your coats, bags etc in the lockers provided.

Finally, critical care units can look quite different to a normal ward, so please ask if there’s anything you’re wondering about and don’t be frightened by the equipment – we won’t let you break anything!

Further information about visiting can be found in the ICCU relatives booklet.

How will I know what is going on?

Because of a need to maintain confidentiality we are limited as to the amount of information we can give over the phone, but you are welcome to call at any time to speak to the nurse looking after your relative. When you are visiting, we will keep you updated with any new information and if you have any questions at all you should ask.

If the family is large, it can be helpful to nominate a key ‘spokesperson’ or two who can share information with the larger group.

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