Sunderland Royal Radiographers run rampant! (For charity).

Published: 20th March 2018

Radiographers at Sunderland Royal hospital care so much about their patients that they are volunteering their personal time to fundraise and make even more of an impact in their work. Led by Mark Hill, Radiography Practitioner, 10 Radiographers are joining the Sunderland 10K to fundraise for City Hospitals Sunderland Charity and fund additional equipment to support paediatric care in their department.


From left to right: Mark Hill (Radiology Practitioner), Jonathan Small (2nd year radiography student) and Louise (Radiographer).

Mark told us: "Although we provide a great service here, there is always more we can do. Getting an X-ray can be a scary experience for children, so we would like to purchase some items for the imaging room and waiting area to make it more friendly."

Specifically, the team are looking at funding a special projector that can project children's TV or calming images onto the walls and ceiling during procedures.

Being able to go above and beyond like this isn't just a kind gesture - there are clinical ramifications also. The calmer and stiller subjects are, the more confident staff can be in their diagnoses, not to mention the time and money saved in repeat scans.

Kelly Gribbon, Imaging Services Manager for City Hospitals Sunderland had great things to say about the Radiography team.

"This is a very busy department in a very demanding job, and it shows the high calibre of staff we have here that they are undertaking this run and fundraising.

"We're really looking forward to putting the money they raise into use here at Sunderland Royal."

Read more about the team's fundraising on their JustGiving page.

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