Surgical Day Case Unit

Around 16,000 patients a year are admitted to theatres on their day of surgery through the Trust's purpose built Surgical Day Case Unit.

The Surgical Day Case Unit is part of Theatres.

Patients are admitted to the unit by staff and then seen by a doctor and anaesthetist prior to being prepared for theatre. Once prepared for theatre the patient will be taken to the admissions lounge to wait for surgery. Patients from the ward will either walk to theatre or may be transferred on a bed or trolley accompanied by a member of the ward staff. While in the admission lounge the patients will be made comfortable with the option of watching television or having reading material available. Following surgery some patients who require and inpatient bed will be taken direct to their allocated ward. Other patients undergoing day surgery procedures will be returned to the day case unit and will be offered discharged the same day.

Surgical Day Case Unit 01915656256 extension 49053

The Surgical Day Case Unit is located at Sunderland Royal Hospital, entrance 9. This is most easily accessed from Chester Road. There parking available outside the unit.

Divisional General Manager Jacquie Butterworth

Directorate Manager Vicky Mitchell

Clinical Director Dr Martin Millar

Matron Angie Bell

Surgical Day Case Unit Manager Stephen Bell

The admissions unit incorporates a reception area, which is supported by trained administration staff, and includes a comfortable seating area with space for wheelchairs.

Once you have left the reception area, you will be accompanied up to the waiting rooms of either C or D Level of Day of Surgery Area, depending on which surgery you are to receive. There are a further twelve rooms between both levels providing examination/interview spaces, where patients can receive a private and confidential nursing assessment and further discuss their procedure with their anaesthetist/surgeon as appropriate. These rooms also provide patient changing facilities and, in some cases, a personal toilet. Both levels have male and female post-op bays, respectively, with each room providing enough space for six patients each.

There is also a Pre-Op Lounge on both levels for admitted patients who are changed and waiting to go to theatre. These lounges are complete with separate male/female bay areas, toilets, comfortable seating, televisions, magazines and a curtained privacy space (on D Level) and two further interview rooms (C Level) where theatre staff can speak to patients prior to being taken to theatre.

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