Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week 17-21 September - check your neck!

Published: 10th September 2018

Head and neck cancer is twice as common as cervical cancer. In Sunderland we see around 250 new patients every year. What was historically a disease that primarily affected smokers and drinkers, now affects a much wider percentage of the population due to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Many patients present with a lump in the neck as their only symptom.

City Hospitals Sunderland’s Head and Neck Team are supporting Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week between the 17-21 September in association with the European Head and Neck Society’s ‘Make Sense’ campaign.

On Friday 21st September, the team will be holding a morning walk-in clinic from 9.30am and are inviting members of the public to come in and ‘check their neck’. This clinic will take place in the outpatient Head and Neck Centre so please come along.

We will also have a stall in the main entrance to promote Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week and the events that will be taking place.

For more information on the clinic please contact Diane.Metters@chsft.nhs.uk