Human Resources

The Trust’s Human Resources Directorate supports managers and staff in providing services to patients.  It does this through:

  • Recruiting staff;
  • Advising on performance management and staff development;
  • Ensuring that the Trust has a set of employment policies which support its objectives and meets the appropriate legislative requirements;
  • Helping managers to plan their staffing needs.

The following information complements the Trust HR Policies


Kath Griffin
Director of Human Resources


All the advertisements for vacancies within the Trust are dealt with by the Recruitment Team.  All vacancies are advertised via

  • NHS Jobs where you can complete your application on line and submit it to us
  • On our “Working with us” page.
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Professional Journals

Recruitment Team – 0191 5656256 Ext 49058, 42945.
The Recruitment Team is available Monday–Friday 0830–1700 and is located in Trust Headquarters.


Contact Us

Human Resources Department
City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust
Sunderland Royal Hospital
Kayll Road

The HR Department is available Monday–Friday 0830–1700 and is located in Trust Headquarters, which is the building adjacent to Chester Road.

To request a reference for an employee or former employee please email:


Occupational Health

The Trust’s Occupational Health service ensures that individuals are fit to perform their work effectively and without a risk to their own or other people’s health and safety.

Occupational Health Service – 0191 5656256 Ext 49029.
The Occupational Health Service is available Monday–Friday 0830–1630.  The Occupational Health Service is accessed from the Chester Road and is located directly to the left of the entrance behind the Fitness Centre.


Education Centre

The Education Centre is a multi-professional development which enables a wide range of learning activities to take place for all staff associated with City Hospitals. One of CHS’ aims is to be “committed to education, research and development” and the Education Centre is  seen as a major part of achieving this.

Education Centre – 0191 5656256 Ext 42211
The Education Centre is open Monday – Thursday 08.00 – 18.00 and Friday 08.00-17.00.


Library Services

The Trust library service provides information to all Trust staff on clinical and non clinical subjects and supports students on placement across a broad range of healthcare related training. The library does not have patient information.

Library Services – 0191 5656256 Ext 42430
The Library is open Monday–Friday 0800–1800.


Workforce Development

The Trust produces a Workforce Plan, which profiles its workforce as well as highlighting how its workforce will develop in line with its service plans. It also works with other agencies to consider workforce needs of the wider NHS community within the city and the communities that the Trust serves.

Workforce information is key to this and a range of reports is provided from the Electronic Staff Record system (ESR) which allow the Trust to consider future workforce changes as well as breakdown the current workforce by key characteristics.

The Trust also undertakes work to encourage future workers to access jobs and careers within the Trust including planned work experience programmes with schools and colleges. It also works with other agencies in the city to equip external candidates with appropriate skills for entry level posts, and works with unemployed people to provide experience and development to help make people job ready for roles within the Trust.

Workforce Development & Education Manager – 0191 5656256 Ext 42060
Workforce Development & Information Manager – 0191 5656256 Ext 42127
Work Experience Project Manager – 0191 5656256 Ext 42189

The Workforce Development Team is available Monday–Friday 0900–1700.


Electronic Staff Record

The Trust utilises the national Electronic Staff Record (ESR) Personnel and Payroll System, which is administered from the HR department. The personal, employment, training and pay records of all staff are maintained through this system, with management reports being provided from the system on issues such as workforce profile, absence, labour turnover and census information.

Electronic Staff Record – 0191 5656256 Ext 42152, 42759
The Electronic Staff Record Team is available Monday–Friday 0900–1700.