Specialist bariatric equipment

Profiling beds:
Hillrom 1225 bed has a maximum capacity of  250 kg
Hillrom Proaxis  has a minimum capacity of 120 kg and maximum capacity of 353 kg.
Total width 950 mm and total length 2180 mm.

Commodes kept on the ward are extra wide and have a safe working load of 256 kg. Bariatric commodes are  placed over the toilet in order to ensure safety.

Mobility Aids
A specialised bariatric frame has a SWL of 318 kg (50 stone). Walking sticks must also be checked as the average SWL is 23 stone.

Max 300 kg –  these are kept in a private dedicated room for patients to use.  These are walk on scales but can also accommodate wheelchair patients as well as have a seat for patients who are unsteady.

Max 250kg, we also have a supply of xxl slings for patients use.

Flowtron Machines
All post operative patients will return from theatre with a flowtron machine in place.  A sleeve like garment is worn over anti–thrombolytic stockings,and connected to the flowtron pump via flexible tubes.   The garment is controlled to inflate intermittently to stimulate the flow of blood through the deep veins.  As it garment inflates, it compresses the veins and pushes the blood back towards the heart. The garment then deflates again after a controlled time. This action copies how the veins are squeezed by the muscles when you walk. Intermittent compression also helps to break down some of the proteins in the blood that can cause blood clots.