The Trust operates a Pay and Display car-parking scheme. Car parking spaces are limited and there is no guarantee of a space. You are advised to allow plenty of time to find a parking space. You may like to consider other transport arrangements where possible. Traveline (0871 200 2233) can give up-to-date advice on all bus, train and metro services in the area. 

A  system of parking control has been introduced at Sunderland Royal Hospital and Sunderland Eye Infirmary, in conjunction with car park management company, ParkingEye.

The ParkingEye system involves an advanced automated number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, which will capture the number plates of all vehicles entering and exiting the sites at Sunderland Royal. Photographic evidence is then coupled with the timing of the vehicles within the car parks, as well as any payments made using the pay and display machines or Pay by Phone services, resulting in an accurate picture of car park usage. Parking charges are generated and issued to those motorists parked inappropriately or who are in breach of terms and conditions, such as non-payment.

The Trust’s own security officers will still patrol the site as before, with a handheld personal digital assistant (PDA) and will be able to issue parking charge notices directly to those who park obstructively. For those who park and realise they don’t have change for the pay and display machines, the new system means they can top up their tariffs on exit, or use a credit or debit card via a simple mobile phone transaction. The Trust has already communicated with users and the wider community on the new scheme, with leaflets and signage.


Schedule of Charges – Public Charges 

1 hour – £2.00
2 hours – £3.00
2 – 4 hours £4.50
4- 24 hours £8.00


Parking Charge Notice

Cars not parked in an authorised bay or parked without a ticket or permit will be issued with a penalty charge notice.  There is a facility to pay parking fees on exit from the car park.   

The parking charge notice fee is £40 if paid within 14 days of issue, and £70 thereafter.  Information on the appeals process is provided on the reverse of the parking charge notice. 


Areas of Car Parking Controls

Controls are in place at the following CHS Sites: 

  •  Sunderland Royal Hospital  
  •  Sunderland Eye Infirmary  
  •  Children’s Centre (Durham Road)  


Helpline Phones

A number of phones are situated across the site on ticket machines to facilitate assistance with parking by Security and Facility staff. 


Patient and Visitor Only Parking

  • Sunderland Royal Hospital

Parking spaces are designated for patients and visitors only in the Chester Wing car park between 8 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) for improved access.  Patients and visitors can park in other car parks on site, although Chester Wing is prioritised and offers improved opportunitites to find a space.    A map showing available car parks within the Sunderland Royal Hospital site can be found below.

Parking at Sunderland Royal Hospital

  • Sunderland Eye Infirmary

Parking spaces designated for patients and visitors only between 8am and 5pm (excluding bank holidays) are available immediately on entry to the Infirmary’s grounds off Queen Alexandra Road, with overflow parking available behind the main building.

Registered Disabled Persons 

All blue badge holders must register their vehicle details with CHS Security to ensure free parking. This can be done by contacting the Sunderland Royal Security Office adjacent to Main Reception at the Kayll Road Entrance or completing the online form.  You can also use one of the dedicated telephone facilities which are situated at all main entrances to the hospital.  You can register immediately after parking your vehicle.  

Alternatively, please email  with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Vehicle registration
  • Disabled badge serial number
  • Disabled badge expiry date

If you use more than one vehicle, please register each vehicle.


Information for Patients and Visitors

The system is clearly signposted at entrances and parking areas, with information on the parking policy, advice on using the Pay and Display system and clear statement of the penalties for non-compliance. All outpatient appointments cards and all inpatient information include information on Pay and Display arrangements and car parking facilities. 


Monthly Visitor/Patient Parking Permits

If you regularly attend the hospital either as a patient or a visitor, you can purchase a discounted monthly car parking permit.  Please complete the attached form which should be handed in at Main Reception, Kayll Road Block.


Security of Vehicles

The Control Scheme, Closed Circuit Television System, Car Parking and Security Officers are in themselves an enhancement of security. 

Payment of a charge permits the owner of a vehicle to park in an approved parking space. It does not imply any agreement by the Trust to prevent theft or damage to any vehicle, and visitors/patients are urged to take every precaution to secure their vehicle against car crime. 



Management of parking is in the best interests of patients and staff and to maintain access for patients and emergency services. If vehicles are not parked in an authorised bay or parked without a ticket or permit, they are liable to be issued with a Parking Charge Notice. 

Please note that City Hospitals Sunderland operates a CCTV system both in the external grounds and within the hospital in accordance to I/C DPA Code of Practice.