Our staff

C31 embraces a multi disciplinary approach to your nursing care.

All bariatric patients will be seen by a specialist bariatric dietitian.

All patients will be reviewed by the ward-based pharmacist and pharmacist technician who will review and explain your medication to you.

During your stay you may encounter many members of the wider team.

Diabetic patients may be reviewed by diabetic medical staff and/or the diabetic specialist nurses.

Patients requiring a little extra support may be visited by members of Critical Care Outreach Team who work closely with our Integrated Critical Care Uunit.

We have a ward based physiotherapist to whom you may be referred to assist with breathing exercises and to address any mobility issues.

Ward staff are also able to initiate any referrals that you feel you may require ie Social Services, Podiatry (chiropody) and you should identify this need to your named nurse or the nurse in charge at your earliest opportunity. 

We hope the following description of uniform colours will assist you in identifying some of these staff members. Please do ask a member of staff to introduce themselves and their role if they do not do so when you first come into contact with them.

  • Sister: Navy dress / white trim
  • Nurse Specialist:  Navy dress / tunic with yellow trim
  • Junior Sister/Charge Nurse: Navy dress white trim / navy tunic white trim
  • Staff  Nurse:  Blue dress tunic / white tunic blue epaulets
  • Healthcare Assistant: Beige dress or tunic
  • Student Nurses : White dress or tunic
  • Domestic Staff: Navy polo shirt and navy trousers
  • Critical Care Outreach TeamMaroon scrubs.

Other Staff you may see during your stay

  • Matron:  Grey dress / tunic with red trim
  • Dietitian: White tunic / dress with pale blue trim
  • Patient Flow Managers (Bed Management team): Navy dress / tunic with green trim
  • Surveillance Staff: White / grey striped dress or epaulets
  • Occupational Therapist : White with green trim
  • Physiotherapist: White dress / tunic with navy trim
  • Portering Staff : Blue polo top / shirt

Please note – City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust is a teaching hospital.  We are committed to teaching and offering educational opportunities to all healthcare professionals and their student members.

During your stay you may be looked after, or visited by students, who will always be supervised by an appropriate individual.