The Podiatry (Chiropody)  Department provides footcare services across Sunderland and North Easington.  The services are delivered in a wide range of locations including health centres, Sunderland Royal Hospital and primary care centres.

The service offers a variety of footcare treatments which are dependent on the client’s medical status and presenting foot problems.


General Podiatry

Provision of nail care, corn, callus reduction, provision of orthoses where appropriate.

General Podiatry is provided from 14 various locations across Sunderland and North Easington District.

In exceptional circumstances, treatment can be provided in the patient’s home; this is a limited service and is only provided to patients who are totally housebound and the request must be made by the patient’s GP.

Waiting times for new patients: approximately 4 weeks routine footcare; 4 days urgent.


Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery is the total or partial removal of toe nail(s) under local anaesthetic and the application of a chemical – phenol, which stops the nail growing back.  The procedure is provided at the Podiatry Department at Sunderland Royal Hospital.


Diabetic Foot Screening

The service is delivered from the following sites:

  • Houghton Primary Care Centre
  • Galleries Health Centre
  • Grindon Primary Care Centre
  • Monkwearmouth Health Centre

Referrals are made to the IRIS Service and patients receive appointments which include an eye and foot screening test.  The average waiting time is 3-4 weeks from being referred.


Diabetes & Wound Care Clinic

The Podiatry Diabetes and Wound Care Outpatient Clinic treats patients with non-healing foot wounds due to diabetes or other causes such as neuropathy or vascular disease.  The clinic operates 5 days a week Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 4.30pm and there are two Specialist Podiatrists who work in the clinic each possessing undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications and experience in the diabetic foot, wound care and tissue viability.

It is the aim of the department to offer an appointment in the Wound Care Clinic within one working day of referral (not including weeekends).


Podiatric Biomechanics/Appliance Department

The Biomechanics service is a specialised branch of City Hospitals Sunderland Podiatry Department.  We focus on the abnormal function of the foot and leg and the symptoms associated with it.

A GP, Consultant or Physiotherapist can only make referrals to the service.  Waiting times for a new patient consultation is approximately 6 weeks.  Our clinics run out of two sites within the Trust.


What to Expect at an Appointment

A typical appointment with us will begin with a discussion of the presenting complaint and its history.  We will then examine the joints and muscles in the patient’s leg and feet to check for any problems that may help to explain symptoms.

Because of this it is best to advise the patient to come wearing loose fitting trousers or alternatively bring shorts to change into (a changing area is provided).

We generally examine the range of motion in the hip, knee and ankle joints along with various joints in the foot itself, although this is not always necessary for some patients.  Along with this, we may also examine gait to assess for problems that may be occurring due to style of walking.

Once the assessment is complete, we will discuss our findings and try and offer a diagnosis to explain symptoms.  We will also put together a treatment plan to help improve the patient’s condition.  Treatments we offer include muscle strengthening and stretching exercises as well as exercises to imporve joint balance and coordination.

In additon to this we often provide prescription insoles (called Orthotics) to alter the position and fucntion of the foot, ankles and legs.  Orthotics, are relatively bulky; as a result, it is important to wear suitable shoes to accommodate them such as trainers or deep shoes, preferably with a fastener.

We generally review our patients approximately one month after their first appointment to assess improvement and alter their treatment plan if it is required.


Additional Treatments Offered by the Department

Other treatments we offer include referral for stock and prescription footwear, acupuncture and steroid injections for certain joint and soft tissue conditions if it is deemed appropriate.  We are also able to refer to other colleagues such as Physiotherapy or Orthopaedics.



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