OpthalmologySunderland Eye Infirmary aims to provide the highest quality of service to patients and GPs.

Sunderland Eye Infirmary provides a whole range of ophthalmic services for the population of Sunderland and the immediate surrounding area and is also a sub regional centre, servicing the population of the North East of England.

It is the home of the only 24/7 dedicated Ophthalmic Accident and Emergency Unit servicing the North East treating approximately 30,000 patients per year present with conditions ranging from minor irritations to major ocular trauma.

Further outpatient clinics are held at South Tyneside, Durham and Hartlepool. As a consequence of this referral rate, over 8000 patients are admitted or undergo surgery at the Eye Infirmary each year.


Accident & Emergency Unit

24-hour, 7-day service in Sunderland Eye Infirmary. All patients will be triaged on presenting at reception. When triaged the patient will see either an experienced ophthalmic nurse practitioner for further assessment and treatment, or an eye doctor.

Experienced and fully trained nurses undertake minor operation procedures within the Eye Infirmary.


Cataract Treatment Centre

The Cataract Treatment Centre (CTC) is a purpose built twin theatre suite, providing day case surgery. This Centre is also linked to an outpatients department (B), providing all aspects of ophthalmic out patient services.

The aim of CTC is to provide a high standard of patient-centred care, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The Cataract Treatment Centre team is multi-disciplinary and includes medical staff, Optometrists, Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and ancillary staff.


Glaucoma Unit

Patients are treated by an experienced team consisting of three consultant ophthalmologists and four nurses. Approximately 500 new referrals are seen each year with follow up appointments running at approximately 4,250.


Haygarth Ward

Inpatient ward for the Eye Infirmary, it has separate areas for male and female patients and a dedicated children’s ward and play area.


Mayling Diagnostic Unit

A range of investigations and treatments are undertaken including laser treatments for diabetic eye disease and macular problems, photography of ocular problems, ultrasound scans  and intravenous fluorescein angiography.


Macular Unit

This unit treats and reviews patients diagnosed or suspected of having macular degeneration a condition which may lead to loss of central vision due to damage to the macular, a small part of the retina which lines the back of the eye. This award winning department deals both effectively and efficiently with large numbers of patients through its outpatient facility offering both treatment and advice to those suspected of having this condition.


Medical Photography Department

The photography department at the SEI provides a high quality, rapid access diagnostic and screening imaging service to the region.

A wide range of medical conditions can be diagnosed and the progress of treatments monitored using a variety of imaging techniques available in the department.

The SEI boasts a comprehensive selection of the latest imaging equipment allowing us to perform fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography, optical coherence tomography, corneal topography and specular microscopy.


On-site Pharmacy

The pharmacy department based at the Eye Infirmary has a dispensary which mainly stocks various specialised eye preparations. We mainly dispense prescription medication to patients coming from all of the various clinics at the site besides preparing the discharge medications for in-patients. The pharmacy department also deals with queries from patients and other health care professionals on a daily basis. We offer counseling to all our patients on how to use their medications correctly. Our main responsibility is to ensure we provide a highly efficient and safe service.  For opening hours please click here.


Optometry Department

The Optometry Department provides a specialist range of optometric services for patients attending Sunderland Eye Infirmary and its out reach clinics.  These include refraction (eye tests for spectacles and contact lenses), specialist medical contact lenses for children and adults and low vision rehabilitation, with a comprehensive range of low visual aids (magnifiers) available.  Our Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) complements the low vision service by providing support and information to visually impaired patients. The optometrists also undertake a wide range of other out patient clinics where they have been highly trained to undertake roles previously carried out by medical staff. These include medical retina and diabetic retinopathy new patient and review clinics,  macular review clinics for patients undergoing treatment (Lucentis) for wet macular degeneration,  new patient cataract  and post operative cataract clinics.  The Optometry Department is also involved in training medical students, pre-registration optometrists and other health care professionals.


Orthoptic Department

The Orthoptic clinic investigates diagnoses and manages uniocular and binocular vision defects and abnormalities of eye movement and alignment. The orthoptists undertake primary vision screening of reception class children at school and manage those referred for strabismus (squint), lazy eye (amblyopia) and other ocular defects such as nystagmus. Secondary screening in some health clinics is also carried out.

Adult patients are seen, primarily in our specialised clinics.

The department is also involved in training undergraduates and other health professionals

The department manages outreach clinics from South Tyneside to Durham and Hartlepool

Outpatient ophthalmology services are also provided in neighbouring hospitals and community facilities:

  • Northern Integrative Health Practice Sacriston
  • Stanley Primary Care Centre
  • Queens Road Surgery Shotley Bridge
  • Hartlepool & South Tees Hospitals
  • South Tyneside Hospital
  • Washington Galleries

Patients may be referred directly to consultants at each of these locations with the exception of Washington. These clinics are managed from the Eye Infirmary.


Clinical Trials Unit

The Ophthalmology team at Sunderland Eye Infirmary is very committed to ongoing research and development to bring about advancements in the care and treatment of patients with eye disease and as such as a dedicated Clinical Trials Unit.  For more information on the unit and the trials currently being undertaken, please click here.



Clinical Director
Mr Lawrence Gnanaraj – 0191 565 6256 ext 49663

Directorate Manager
Tina Morrell – 0191 565 6256 ext 46232

Please click here for details of consultants and their areas of special interest.

Accident & Emergency / Casualty – 0191 569 9951
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