Neonatal Unit

Neonatal The Neonatal Unit cares for new born babies who are too poorly to go home. The unit is right next to the Maternity Department, where babies are born and this means we can very quickly move any babies who need special care straight after they are born.

The Neonatal Unit offers high quality care for some of the most vulnerable babies in the Northern Region. Approximately 10% of babies require some form of specialist support at birth with approximately 2% of these requiring intensive care.

We currently have 8 intensive care/high dependency care cots, two mother and baby rooms, two cubicles and 12 special care cots making a total of 24 cots.

Intensive care is needed for babies who are born prematurely, to support organ systems until they have matured and babies who are ill. These babies require mechanical assistance from a ventilator to breathe, this may be short term or for a number of weeks.

High dependency care enables babies who are recovering from intensive care to still be closely monitored.

Special care/Low dependency enables supervision and support to babies and their families in preparation for discharge.

The cubicles are required to nurse babies who have been re-admitted from home or for any other baby on the unit who may need to be isolated.

The mother and baby rooms give mothers the opportunity to spend time with their baby and build up confidence prior to going home.

On the sad occasions when a baby is too sick for intensive interventions to help, or for those families recently bereaved private rooms are offered. The team of neonatal nurses and the chaplaincy department supports these families.

The Unit also provides care for babies from all over the Northern region, and offers parents accommodation in the Woodford Williams Lodge.

Many children who have been treated on the neonatal unit return to the out patients clinic. These clinics are run on the department, which makes it easier for parents to return to an environment and staff which they are already familiar with.


Information Leaflets

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – Discharge Information Leaflet

Parents Guide to the Neonatal Unit



Key contact

Unit Manager
Pam Jack
Telephone 0191 5656256 ext 41788