AudiologyThe Audiology Department is located at Sunderland Royal Hospital, with satellite services provided at Palmer Community Hospital in South Tyneside, Washington Health Centre as well as other services at several community and GP locations across the local area.  Please click here for more details of where services are provided. 


There is a strong commitment to training and the department is an accredited training centre for both clinical physiologists and clinical scientists as well as excellent links with the University of Sunderland. The clinical scientists based in Audiology are part of the Medical Physics Department.


Quality and innovation are at the core of what we do. We were at the forefront of the Modernising Hearing Aid Services project (adults and children) and more recently have been involved with the Quality Enhancement Tool (QET) and Improving Quality In Physiological Diagnostic Services (IQIPS) quality initiatives in Audiology.


A range of comprehensive services are provided and further information is listed below.


Newborn Hearing Screening Programme

The Newborn Hearing Screening Programme is provided across Sunderland, South Tyneside and Gateshead. Babies who are referred from the screen are seen for detailed audiological assessment by experienced staff. For further information please click here.


Children’s Hearing Assessment and Hearing Aid Service

The Children’s Hearing Assessment Service provides comprehensive assessment of hearing in children following appropriate national guidance. In addition the Children’s Hearing Aid Service rovides a comprehensive assessment, prescription, verification, evaluation and review service using high quality hearing aids. children are reviewed on a regular basis. The service has an excellent reputation and staff regularly contribute to national training courses and support information weekends run by the National Deaf Children’s Society. For more information please click here.


Adult Hearing Services

The Audiology Department provides an inclusive Adult Hearing Aid Service, using a range of high quality devices. Earmould impressions are manufactured in our own laboratory. Specialised rehabilitation including preliminary assessment for cochlear implantation. We have a dedicated assessment pathway for patients with Complex Needs/Learning Disabilities and also provide assessment, fitting and review of Bone Anchored Hearing Aids.  Further information can be found here.


Hearing Therapy Services

Hearing aid provision is complemented by the hearing therapy service. Lip reading classes are provided and there is a tinnitus service. The department can arrange demonstrations of a wide range of assistive listening devices.


Balance Assessment and Balance Rehabilitation Services

Balance assessment is undertaken using a full range of techniques. Rehabilitation is also provided for those diagnosed with a vestibular problem. We have good links with Physiotherapy, Care of the Elderly and the Ear, Nose and Throat Department to promote recovery and symptom management. For further information please click here.


Team Members & Key Contacts

Consultant Clinical Scientist – Ed Brown, MSc, CS.283
Senior Clinical Scientist – Lynzee McShea, MSc, CS.17737
Clinical Scientist – Stella Howgate, MSc
Senior Chief Audiologist / Service Manager – Brian Pinkney
Newborn Hearing Local  Director – Ed Brown, MSc, CS.283
Newborn Hearing Local Manager – Linda Baglin
Audiology Reception – 0191 569 9001 (Internal 49001)
Audiology Choose & Book – 0191 569 9925
Audiology Fax – 0191 569 969 9814
Audiology Text Phone – 0191 569 9610
E-mail –