Adult Hearing Services

The main service is based at Sunderland Royal Hospital which has extended opening hours from 8.15 am to 6.00 pm Monday-Friday. Services are also provided in a number of other locations – please see click here for a full list.


A comprehensive hearing aid service is provided, which comprises assessment, fitting, follow up, repair and maintenance for 3 years. High quality digital sound processing hearing aids are used and we have the benefit of an in-house earmould laboratory for the manufacture of custom earmoulds to allow a fast turn around time.


Assessments are within 6 weeks of the GP referral and hearing aids (if appropriate) are provided within 18 weeks of the GP referral.


Referral Criteria

For patients who do not yet have a hearing aid there are 2 routes into the service:

  1. Direct referral from the GP to the Audiology Department if the patient is suitable for direct referral (BAA Guidelines 2011)
  2. Referral via ENT if it is likely that a medical opinion will be required


For patients who already have an NHS hearing aid provided by this service and have a problem with it, a booked repair appointment can be arranged by telephoning 0191 569 9001 or by emailing


Patients will be provided with information leaflets (Hearing Assessment & Hearing Aids) to support the appointment process.



Patients referred directly to Audiology will have an assessment of their hearing needs and an Individual Management Plan (IMP) generated. Patients will usually be offered two hearing aids if clinically appropriate. Impression(s) for custom earmoulds will be taken if appropriate or consideration will be given to an open fit solution.


Provision of Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are fitted at a number of locations which include Sunderland Royal Hospital, Palmer Community Hospital, Farnham Health Centre and Washington Health Centre.


Patients will be fitted with high quality digital sound processing amplification using an appropriate prescriptive approach and Real Ear Measurement. If appropriate the patient will be offered a fine tune or review appointment. This consultation may be face-to-face or telephone-based depending on the needs of the patient.



Hearing aid repairs can be booked by telephone on 0191 569 9001 or by emailing Appointments can usually be provided within 48 hours. The hearing aid repair service is provided at Sunderland Royal Hospital from 8.15 am to 5.30 pm Monday-Friday with some additional limited appointments at Palmer Community Hospital, Washington Health Centre and Farnham Health Centre.


Patients will be offered a re-assessment of their hearing aid provision after 3 years.


Hearing Therapy Services

Hearing aid provision is complemented by the hearing therapy service. Lip reading classes are provided and there is a tinnitus service. The department can arrange demonstrations of a wide range of assistive listening devices.


Why choose us as your hearing care provider?

We have successfully delivered high quality hearing services to Sunderland, South Tyneside and parts of County Durham for over 20 years.


There is an established team of dedicated and highly qualified staff which includes Clinical Scientists (registered with the Health Professions Council), Audiologists (registered with the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists), Hearing Therapist, Earmould Laboratory and other support staff.


We have excellent modern facilities at Sunderland Royal Hospital and Washington Health Centre and also deliver services at a number of convenient Health Centres and GP surgeries.


We use high quality digital behind the ear hearing aids. We take care to use special measurements to ensure that the hearing aids are individually tailored to your needs. There are options to use a conventional earmould or a slim tube/open fit option (this may not be appropriate for all patients).


We have the benefit of our own in house earmould laboratory so that there is a fast turnaround of earmoulds and the ability to make custom earmould solutions to meet patients’ needs.


The department has an excellent reputation for delivering high quality audiology services to both adults and children. Staff have contributed to the development of national protocols, training and quality assurance on behalf of the British Academy of Audiology, National Newborn Hearing Screening Programme and others.


The service was one of the first in England to take part in the Modernising Hearing Aid Services programme for adults and children. We have also contributed to other national initiatives including Action on Balance, Transforming Audiology Services and piloting new Quality Assurance initiatives in Audiology such as the Quality Enhancement Tool and Improving Quality In Physiological Services.


The service is an accredited training centre for both Clinical Scientists and Audiologists and we have excellent links with the University of Sunderland.


We look forward to demonstrating our commitment to quality patient focused care to you.




The department has produced a number of leaflets relating to hearing services and hearing aids.  Please click here to access this information.


Team Members & Key Contacts

Consultant Clinical Scientist – Ed Brown, MSc, CS.283
Senior Clinical Scientist – Lynzee McShea, MSc, CS.17737
Clinical Scientist – Stella Howgate, MSc
Senior Chief Audiologist / Service Manager – Brian Pinkney
Newborn Hearing Local  Director – Ed Brown, MSc, CS.283
Newborn Hearing Local Manager – Linda Baglin
Audiology Reception – 0191 569 9001 (Internal 49001)
Audiology Choose & Book – 0191 569 9925
Audiology Fax – 0191 569 969 9814
Audiology Text Phone – 0191 569 9610
E-mail –



Chester Wing
Sunderland Royal Hospital
Kayll Road