Acute Medical Unit (AMU)

This unit is adjacent to the Emergency Department (A&E) and caters for all patients currently admitted to acute medicine.

Excluded from this unit are:

  • Obstetric emergencies (will go direct to the maternity unit)
  • Major trauma (will be admitted to the orthopaedic wards or A&E observation ward)
  • Chest pain (directed to the chest pain unit as detailed below)
  • Ophthalmic problems (directed to the Eye Infirmary)
  • Paediatric patients
  • Surgical specialties

The purpose of this unit is threefold:

a. To facilitate the assessment of patients who may, or may not, require emergency admission.

b. To provide rapid assessment, diagnostic investigation and initiation of therapy for patients who require admission and to arrange admission to the most appropriate speciality ward.

c. To arrange investigations, treatment and post discharge follow up for patients who do not require emergency admission.



Acute Medical Unit (AMU) is located on Ward C34 on C Floor of the main hospital. If entering from Kayll Road, enter the hospital at the Main Entrance and proceed to the Lifts or Stairs. The unit is located one floor above.



Telephone 0191 565 6256 ext 49734