Our Services

Our ServicesThe Trust provides a wide range of hospital services to a local community of 330,000 residents along with an increasing range of more specialised services provided to patients outside this area, in some cases to a population as great as 750,000.The Trust also provides a substantial range of community–based services, particularly within Family Care and Therapy Services.

Access to services other than A&E and the Walk–In Centre are through a referral process.

Information about our services can be found on the links in the left hand menu. Further information about these services is currently being developed

Free Health Information

City Hospitals Sunderland offers a free service which patients and visitors can use to access information about a particular medical condition, test, investigation, surgical operation, or medicine, and you can also learn about healthy living and other support & assistance available.

This library also contains a substantial amount of health information in languages other than English, presented not only in text format but also as audio files to help those who are not able to read their own language.

This free service can be accessed via the following link: Free Health Information