On admission

Elective patients are received on to the ward on a daily basis.  The ward is very busy and on occasions there may be a slight delay in you being allocated a bed.   There is a day room  in which you and those accompanying you will be asked to wait, please be assured that the ward staff and Patient Flow team will allocate you a bed as soon as possible. Once shown to your bed you will be orientated to the ward and its facilities.

A member of staff will carry out the following:

  • Checking of personal details
  • Recording of basic observations such as blood pressure, pulse and weight.
  • A named nurse will be identified on the board above your bed and an estimated date of discharge will also be identified and recorded as EDD.
  • Bloods may be taken.

You will be seen and assessed by a junior member of the medical staff and your consultant or his registrar will then discuss your case and procedure with you and explain the consent process. You may be seen by the anaesthetist on admission or the day of surgery.

All patients undergoing surgery will be commenced on a daily injection of Dalteparin which you will receive daily, in your tummy at tea time drug round, until your day of discharge. This medication helps to prevent blood clots. You can also help with this by ensuring you keep mobile in the ward, maintain regular leg exercises and the wearing of your anti- thrombolytic stockings. You will be advised of the time of your surgery by your admitting nurse and advice given on when to be nil by mouth.