Day of surgery

On the day of your operation you will be advised by nursing staff to take a shower.

Diabetic patients may have had a drip commenced overnight to stabilise blood sugars, and your BM recordings will be checked 2 hourly by nursing staff until you go to theatre.

You will be assisted into a gown and will be supplied with anti-thrombolytic stockings.

A checklist will be carried out by a registered nurse.

All Jewellery, make up and any nail varnish must be removed. If you do not wish to remove your wedding band this can be taped and secured by nursing staff.

The theatre porters will come to the ward to collect and transfer you to theatre on your bed. You will be accompanied to theatre by a member of nursing staff and handed over to the care of theatre staff where another checklist will be carried out.

On return to the ward you will be made comfortable, your observations will be recorded and a full check carried out of your wounds, drip site etc. Your observations will be undertaken hourly for 4 hours and then 2 hourly for a further 4 hours and then subsequently every 4 hours.

You will be kept nil by mouth with a drip in place for hydration.

If you are able you will be mobilised at the earliest opportunity by nursing staff.  You will also have a flowtron machine attached to your legs which compresses the veins and pushes the blood back towards the heart. This then deflates again after a controlled time. This action copies how the veins are squeezed by the muscles when you walk. Intermittent compression also helps to break down some of the proteins in the blood that can cause blood clots. You will be reviewed by the surgical team and closely monitored by nursing staff.