Bariatric surgery – discharge


You will be given wound care advice prior to discharge by nursing staff and will be given a small supply of dressings to take home. You will also be given a letter for your district or practice nurse advising that a wound check will be required. A discharge checklist will be completed.

Your GP will receive a letter electronically.

You are expected to continue to wear your anti-thrombolytic stockings for 4 weeks post operatively (you may remove at night) and a spare pair of these should be provided.

Please make nursing staff aware if you require assistance with transport as soon as possible.

Medical staff will be able to provide a Fit (sick) note for you if required, please ask.

You will have been provided with literature from the dietitian and specialist nurses, please ensure you take this home with you.

The nursing staff may ask you to transfer to the Discharge Lounge in order for the bed space to be prepared for another patient. 

If you have any problems or questions following discharge then please contact the ward on 0191 5699731