Bariatric specialist nurses

The bariatric specialist nurses are Lisa Wilde and Arun Sekhar, together we provide a range of services and clinics to assess and support you through your weight loss journey. Some of these services/clinics include:


  • Introduction at the seminar (this will be the first time you meet some of our team). You will be given a presentation by one of our consultants and have a chance to ask some questions at the end.


  • New patient assessment (this is a medical/psycho-social assessment which will help us know more about you). Note you maybe referred to our psychologist at this point depending on the outcome of the assessment, it is not uncommon to be referred to psychology so don’t be disheartened or upset. There maybe some things that need to be dealt with prior to surgery that the surgery itself cannot fix.


  • MDT meeting (this is a multi disciplinary team meeting which comprises of Consultants, specialist nurses and dieticians), where we will discuss each patient individually. In some cases we might request more information from your GP or other healthcare professional regarding previous surgery or tests you may have had. This will allow us to decide the suitability and safest type of surgery most appropriate to you.


  • Ward visit, the next time you will see us is when you are admitted to hospital to have your surgery. We use this opportunity to answer any questions you may still have and to provide you with contact details for the bariatric team and nurse led support group.


  • Post op telephone review, this is carried out usually within 7 days of your discharge from hospital. It gives us a chance to see if you are ok and provide you with post op advice. It is also and opportunity for you to ask questions which you may have. (It is important to make sure that whilst in hospital you tell the ward staff to check your contact details and make sure they have the most up to date telephone numbers. Also when we phone you it will appear on your phone as ‘withheld number’, please answer as it is only us.


  • Nurse led urgent review clinic, this clinic is held twice per week and can be used for anything from checking to see if you have met your weight loss target, health promotion advice and motivation or if you have any problems or concerns post operatively then just phone us and make your appointment.


  • Nurse led support group, this support group was established in April 2013 and allows us to bring some professionalism and guest speakers to an exciting group. Feel free to come along and share your experiences, ask other members advice, tips or just listen. This service is for you and if you have any suggestions or ideas then let us know and we will try to arrange it.


  • The specialist nurses are always available to support you with the above so if you do have a problem or need a little piece of advice please don’t hesitate to contact them.